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Band of brothers - Robinson, Spielberg et Ambrose
La description du sujet

Remarque :

Pour que le Glossaire trouve un sigle, il doit être écrit en majuscules

Pour qu'il trouve un mot, il doit ètre orthographié et accentué correctement

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voici les paroles de la chanson du film de Contributeur sans E-mail valide le vendredi 08 août 2003 à 19h48



Gory, Gory, what a helluva way to die!Gory, Gory, what a helluva way to die!Gory, Gory, what a helluva way to die!And he ain't gonna jump no more.


"Is everybody happy?" cried the sergeant,looking up;Our hero feebly answered "yes," and thenthey stood him up;He jumped right out into the blast, hisstatic line unhooked,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


He counted long, he counted loud, hewaited for the shock;He felt the wind, he felt the cold, he feltthe awful drop;He pulled reserve, the silk spilled out andwrapped around his sock,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


The days he'd lived and loved and laughedkept running through his mind;He thought about the girl back home;He thought about the medics and won-dered what they'd find,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


The ambulance was on the spot, the jeepswere running wild;The medics jumped and howled with glee,rolled up their sleeves and smiled;For it had been a week or more since lasta 'chute had failed,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


The lines were twisted round his neck, theconnectors broke his dome;The risers tied themselves in knots aroundeach skinny bone;The canopy became his shroud as he hurtledto the ground,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


He hit the ground, the sound was "splatt"the blood it spurted high;His comrades, they were heard to say:"What a pretty way to die!"He lay there rolling around in the welter ofhis gore,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


There was blood upon the risers, there wasbrains upon the 'chute,Intestines were a-danglin' from his para-trooper suit;They picked him up still in his 'chute andpoured him from his boots,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


They operated all night through but it wasin despair,For every bone that he possessed was ruinedbeyond repair;And so he was buried then, his silken 'chutehis shroud,And he ain't gonna jump no more.


They say he went to heaven and arrivingthere I'm told,He got a pair of silver boots and a para-chute of gold;He may be very happy there but I'll stickhere below,Cause he ain't gonna jump no more.

*** / ***

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