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Edition du 02 avril 2015 à 12h41

Heydrich et la Solution Finale / Edouard Husson

En réponse à -6 -5 -4 -3 -2
-1Lahousen de Etienne Lorenceau

Témoignage de WS de Etienne Lorenceau le jeudi 02 avril 2015 à 12h35

Un témoignage de Walter schellenberg sur la resistance de Canaris pourrait peut être apporter un élément supplémentaire de réponse à notre recherche sur l'Amiral Canaris

In his Final Report on WS, Harrisson (author of the report) states that WS was explained how Ribbentrop, in December 1943, would blame the secret services for “failing to foresee and to inform the Reich authorities of the impending attack, which had occurred the previous month in North Africa [Operation Torch]. Schellenberg was able to parry these accusations by underlining that he was not responsible for spying on foreign military operations, but Canaris had to put up with Goebbels abusive verbal attacks. After this, Hitler’s confidence in Canaris was, according to WS, totally destroyed.”
Harrisson G. W. Final Report on WS © Nara - Maryland: p 41
WS had personally travelled to Madrid to check that the advanced night-observing apparatus, including infra-red searchlights, telescopes and signalling lamps, thermal detectors (bolometers), and ultra short-wave wireless telegraphy (W/T) were operational enabling the Abwehr to obtain information on the passage of ships through the Gibraltar strait, but he wasn’t supposed at this time to be privy of military information collected from such installations. Hitler was aware of the installations since he had been reported that, thanks to them, on the night of 9/10 August 1942, a Malta-bound convoy of British operation 'Pedestal', had been reported to German intelligence headquarters in Madrid in a series of messages emanating from no fewer than eight different sources in the immediate vicinity of the Straits. Although 'Pedestal' included three aircraft carriers among its escorts, it had suffered heavy losses: German submarines had sunk nine out of fourteen merchant ships along with the aircraft carrier Eagle, two cruisers and a destroyer. As a matter of fact, if Canaris had obtained from Franco the right to place infra red and radar detection in Ceuta and villa León in Algeciras, by the end of 1942, the British had received more encouraging news as Ultra decrypts showed that the two bolometers, which had hitherto been working at Ceuta and Algeciras, had now been dismantled and were awaiting transport to Germany. Menzies recorded this “means, in effect, that [after] all of the apparatus brought by the Germans to Spain in connection with the Blake night-observation enterprise not one single instrument remains in operation.” Naturally Canaris did neither warn Hitler on the dismantling of the installations nor on the Torch huge convoy that hadn’t escaped his local agents. The Admiral had outsmarted the SD and the Gestapo once more but this time, it would be costly as the SD and the Gestapo would fatally intensify their research on the Abwehr.

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1 Gisevius on Canaris' personality de Etienne Lorenceau 02 avril 2015 14h32

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