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Edition du 25 février 2015 à 15h27

Les secrets d'une reddition / Allen Dulles

En réponse à -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2
-1et Hitler ? de françois delpla

Je conviens bien sûr des indicutables capacités maoeuvrières d'hitler, mais de Etienne Lorenceau le mercredi 25 février 2015 à 15h11

Ce n'est pas parce que quelqu'un est "capable de" que forcément "il a..."

Defait en plus de mon post précédent je vous remémore que
May 22, 1940: As Churchill meets with the French in Paris to discuss an Allied offensive. In Britain, Parliament passes an Emergency Powers Act giving the government broad powers over British citizens and their property,
Himmler supplies a memorandum to Hitler on Treatment of Ethnic Groups and Jews in the East...
I wish to say ...that we have the greatest interest in not uniting the population of the East, but, on the contrary, in dividing it into as many parts and splinters as possible.
I hope that the concept of Jews will be completely extinguished through the possibility of large-scale emigration of all Jews to Africa or some other colony. It must also be possible, in a somewhat longer period of time, to let the national concept of Ukrainians, Gorals and Lemcos disappear in our territory. Whatever is said concerning these splinter peoples applies on a correspondingly larger scale to the Poles.
Cruel and tragic as every individual case may be, this method is the mildest and best if, out of inner conviction, we reject the Bolshevist method of physical destruction of a people as un-Germanic and impossible...

This memorandum can be considered significant in the context of the controversy surrounding the question of when German Jewish policy was set upon direct physical extermination. It wasn’t in May 1940: emigration was still the rule. The reference to “Africa or some other colony” obviously refers to Madagascar as a potential but shows that this specific immigration had not been decided for and that other alternatives were considered.
Arad, Y &.al. Documents on the Holocaust. London: Pergamon Press, 1981,pp.198-99
Breitman, Richard. The architect of Genocide p.118-9

Le mouvement comme le contenu du texte montre bien que le fou furieux intelligent n'est pas à la manoeuvre partout. Quand il a la sensation que les initiatives vont dans un sens qui lui convient, il adoube ses vantards criminels et leur préméditations criminelles... c'est tout: pas moins mais pas plus!

August 3, 1940: Hitler tells his new German ambassador in Paris, Otto Abetz, that he intends to resolve the Jewish problem for all of Europe and that he wants to force the conquered countries (and persuade Germany's allies) to send their Jewish citizens away, not to Madagascar, but to the United States.
Breitman, Richard. The architect of Genocide. © 1991 New York - Alfred A. Knopf

February 2, 1941: According to Hitler's army adjutant, Gerhard Engel, Hitler tells a small group of intimates that he had been thinking of sending a couple million Jews to Madagascar but the war had prevented this; he was now thinking of something else, which "was not exactly friendlier."
Breitman, Richard. The architect of Genocide. © 1991 New York - Alfred A. Knopf

May 13, 1941: At Pretzsch and Düben, in Saxony, special mobile killing squads, the Einsatzgruppen, are set up by the SS. The normal strength of the Einsatzgruppen is from 500 to 800 men. The officer strength of the Einsatzgruppen is drawn from the SD, SS, Criminal Police (Kripo) and Gestapo. The enlisted forces are composed of the Waffen SS, the regular police, the Gestapo, and locally-recruited police. On occasions, some Wehrmacht commanders would bolster the strength of the Einsatzgruppen with contingents of their own, but most of the time the Wehrmacht Generals are ashamed for the Einsatzgruppen. The Einsatzgruppen are divided into Einsatzkommandos and Sonderkommandos. These subunits differ only in name. When a mission called for a very small task force, the Einsatz or Sonderkommandos is capable of further subdivision, called Teilkommando or splinter group. Each of the squads has been assigned a particular area of the Soviet Union. Einsatzgruppe A, commanded by Walter Stahlecker, is to be responsible for the murder of Jews in the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Einsatzgruppe B, under Arthur Nebe, is assigned the area between the Baltic states and the Ukraine. Einsatzgruppe C, commanded by Otto Rasch, is to operate in the Ukraine south of Nebe's group, and Einsatzgruppe D, commanded by Otto Ohlendorf, is assigned the remainder the Ukraine and Crimea. Heydrich told those at Pretzsch that all "Communists, Jews, Gypsies, saboteurs, and agents must basically be regarded as persons who by their very existence, endanger the security of the troops and are thereby to be executed without further ado."
Infield, Glenn B. Secrets of the SS. Military Heritage Press - 1988.
There are six Einsatzgruppe Commanding Officers attached to Army number of commandos:
I Brigadefuhrer BrunoStreckenbach Fourteenth 4
II Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Emmanuel Schafer Tenth 2
III Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Ludwig Fischer Eighth 2
IV Brigadefuhrer Lothar Beutel Fourth 2
V Brigadefuhrer Ernst Damzog Third 3
VI Oberfuhrer Erich Naumann Posen 2
Heydrich is convinced that by mass executions on the spot, murdering all the Jews they could catch, the SS could "solve" the “Jewish question” in Russia,. No family was to be spared. No resources were to be wasted by setting up ghettos or deporting Jews to distant camps or murder sites. The killings were to be done in the towns and villages at the moment of military victory.
Gilbert, Martin. Atlas of the Holocaust. © 1982 - Scribner Macmillan.

Enfin pour la première fois apparait, sous la plume de schellenberg (toujours plenipotentiaire) l'expression "solution finale du problème juif dans les territoires" occupés (donc en plus des Einsatzgruppen).

May 20, 1941: In his position of Head of the Amt IV E of the Gestapo, Sturmbannfuehrer (Major) WS bans emigration of Jewish people from France and Belgium Jews announcing the coming soon “Final Solution” of the Jewish Problem. The letter explains that, waiting for the Final Solution the emigration of German Jews is ‘to be intensified during the war’, using the exact same wording as the decree by the RSHA on April 24 1940 (Hence both instructions may have been drafted by the same author and are at least closely linked)
Source NAMP Bethesda. M946. Records of the US Nuernberg War crimes trials WA Series 1940 1945 WA 16 AA Abteilung Deutschland II.
WA 16: May 20, 1941
Deschner, Guenther. Reinhardt Heydrich A biography. © 1981 New York – Stein & Day
Richard Breitman. The Architect of Genocide, Himmler and the Final Solution.

Ce n'est pas hitler, l'empereur, qui est à la manoeuvvre mais bien les "sith lords" du coté obscur de la force

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